Human Egg Black Market

Those in the fertility community agree that Canadian laws, which were supposed to prevent the commodification of life, have backfired. What, they ask, is more commercial and more disrespectful of the origins of life than an underground Internet trade in human eggs?

Interesting article in today’s Star. 

One slow day at work, I decided I’d donate some eggs.  I quickly found out you can’t legally be paid for eggs in Canada, which put me off the idea since I wasn’t really motivated out of the goodness of my heart.  I don’t know who would be to be honest.  It’s kind of an involved process – there are injections leading up to the harvest, and then the harvest itself which I’m sure is really a lot of fun.  I found an organization that matches donors and couples internationally but I didn’t meet their criteria because I was too old!  Over the age of 31, donors had to have “proven” fertility within the last two years. 

What an all around depressing situation.  I felt sorry for my aging eggs.  And sorry for my bank account (I’d never have the balls to sell my eggs on the black market).  And more sorry still, for these poor people trying to find eggs on Craigslist.  Craigslist!  God, I couldn’t even manage to buy a bicycle off of Craigslist, let alone a human egg. 

Our laws on this are terribly irresponsible.  Time to can the attempted altruism I think, and regulate this market properly.

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