You can ring my …

Kellie and I went to the One of a Kind Show tonight.  I had one motivation only for going: to get a new bell for my new bike from Lucky Cat Bicycle Bells.  Don’t ask me how I ended up with a Jesus bell, when my a plan was to pick one not unlike my old “I was born to be a tramp” bell.  Don’t know.  But I was feelin’ Jesus.

Told the Lucky Cat Bell Guy my bike story and he told me that all the peeps in Montreal lock up their bikes with a 30 inch length of the heaviest chain you can get at Home Depot and a padlock.  He says this can’t be cut like cable locks unless the thief has a grinder, which they won’t bother to have because it would draw too much attention, and can’t be popped like a U-lock because there’s too much slack in the chain.  They can’t get the leverage to do it. 

So there you go.  Montrealers!  They have it all.  Dirt cheap rent, poutine and bicycle smarts.

Also had this great convo with him while Kellie patiently waited for me to look at every bell three times – you’d think my life depended on it or something:

LCBG: So what do you do in the day time?

Me: Oh, I’m a legal assistant.

LCBG: Hmm.  You should really think of something else to say when you’re asked because nobody will believe you.  Are you a Libra?

Me: Close, I am a Gemini.

LCBG: Yeah, I knew you were an Air sign.  I bet you’re kind of messy at home, huh?  Like, do you have  a lot of stuff scattered all around?

Me: I can’t help it!!

LCBG: You guys are all like that, you need to see your stuff out, whatever you’re working on, or you forget about it.

Me: Seriously!

LCBG: What does your boyfriend think when he comes over and he has to walk through all the wreckage?

Me: Well … I clean it up before he comes over … he doesn’t really know yet.

LCBG: I knew it.

( I love you Lucky Cat Bell Guy.)

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