Poor Old Bird

I’m so glad that my Aunt emailed me a dog video tonight because I was struggling to remember what I wanted to blog about tonight.  Of course, there’s always the follow-up appointment to my sleep study to write about, but does anybody really care? I barely even care at this point. Luckily, nothing triggers the […]

F*cking Awesome Day

When I woke up this morning, it was already a great day because I knew I was going to the One of a Kind Show with Kellie after work. And then, somebody told me my eyes looked “amazing.” And then, somebody said, “Look at you, fading away to nothing!”  Which is inaccurate, but totally awesome […]


Dear Leslie, Remember when you used to blog? Those were fun times. You’re killing me with so much uncertainty. I hope things are going well. Talk soon (or, if you’d rather not, I’m content with just the blogging). Jess ______ Dear Jessica, How did this work out for ya? Les =)