Rocket Talk

Torontoist runs this regular Q&A called “Rocket Talk” with reps from the TTC.  The questions are submitted by Torontoist readers.  Today’s question had to do with how filthy dirty the stations are. Brad Ross, TTC’s Director of Communications did an absolutely appalling job at answering the question.
I’m sorry, you need an AUDIT to figure out what needs cleaned and how to go about cleaning it? Just fucking clean it, Dudes. Make a schedule and do it. End of story.

One commenter said, “There are 70 subway stations. There are 365 days in a year. How long does it take to powerwash/clean the walls in a station.” Seriously.
Brad Ross doesn’t actually bother to say what the results of the 2008 audit were.  Presumably because they didn’t do anything about them and don’t plan to considering it is now 2010? They would probably need to waste a bit more money and time by conducting another internal audit. Instead he mentions an independent audit conducted by a downtown BIA which cast the TTC in a favourable light (only one deficiency) basically because the three stations they looked at that aren’t even that dirty.
Are you guys for real?  The system is DIRTY.  Just CLEAN IT. 

Despite the absolute ludicrousness of Brad Ross’s answer, I decided to pose my own question (though I have no hope of it being answered well, or at all):

Before Christmas, an escalator was taken out of commission at St. Clair West, Heath side. The sign posted said it would be repaired by January 15, 2010.  January 15 came and went and the escalator remained out of commission.  Yesterday, January 19th, a new sign was posted advising the escalator would be completed on February 28th, 2010.

This is not really a problem for me as I am young and able-bodied. But what about old people, people with injuries or who are trying to manage a baby stroller or luggage?
Why does it take over two months to fix one escalator?

I mean, come on! 

I have other burning questions for the TTC, such as, “Why are you the crappiest transit system on Earth?” but I figured that’s what everyone is asking so I thought it’d be best to be specific. 

I try to be a TTC supporter.  The TTC is like getting your period.  It sucks, but that’s life – there is little point in complaining about it.  However, the recent fare hike to $3.00 per ride is a bit too much to take.  For $3.00 I kind of expect some service.  Maybe if the TTC weren’t dicking around doing audits to decide if something was dirty when a simple pair of EYES can actually do the job they would not have had to increase the fares yet again. 


3 thoughts on “Rocket Talk

  1. I have only ever spent 36 hours in Toronto, and the only person who was a jerk to me in that time was a transit employee. I guess he had never seen a tourist who did not have the fare system encoded in her DNA before? But other than that I dug the subway, and everyone else was great. Anyway, that is my totally true TTC story, the end.

  2. OK, that “period” comment was totally hilarious!
    Also, I used to think we had a great transit system, but since traveling to many other cities I can tell you that we have one of the smallest and most inconvenient systems in the developed world! Cheesh! And all this for a whopping 3 bucks?!

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