“Superintenant” Pt. II

I went away for the weekend and when I came home there were a few changes around here.   

  1. The Superintenant had put up signs introducing himself. 
  2. The Superintenant had asked me to put my dork cart in my apartment where it belonged.  Well, he generally told everyone via his sign that stuff can’t be stored in common areas – this meant The Superintenant had to move a bunch of his own crap from the hallway into his apartment.  It was a good effort so I put my shit away. I was only leaving it out there until someone made the effort to tell me not to anyway.  Kind of like the rocket wrapper.
  3. The rocket wrapper was nowhere to be found!
  4. My corridor was fully lit. No more night light.  Seriously, there had been a night light plugged into an outlet to permit safe passage of the hallway.  Wtf.
  5. A strange scent perfumed the air.  Cleanliness!

It turns out the new Superintenant lives in the apartment next to mine.  It is now significantly more awkward to complain to the Superintenant about how fucking noisy my neighbours are.

You win some, you lose some.

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