Some things from the last month-ish

1.  It’s a special kind of yoga student who raises their voice at an instructor in front of a room of new students – and that is the kind of yoga student I have turned out to be. (She had it coming, B*tch).

2.  Turns out, my apartment has an infestation of webbing clothes moths.

3.  Getting rid of them is labour intensive.

4.  I switched my gym time from after work to 6:30 am.  I thought it would be harder to get up that early (5:30), but it’s easier to get up than to motivate myself to go in the afternoon.  I don’t have all day to talk myself out of it and my evenings are free for fun (or cooking dinner at a reasonable hour, whatever).

5.  I went for a hair cut and said goodbye to all the leftover dye I had on my head.  I think my natural hair colour is okay.  It looks a little boring after all the wicked dye jobs I’ve had over the years.  I’m not crazy about it.  But.  We’ll see.

6.  I’ve had my little bike out in the sunshine.  I can get the folder up and down my 3 storeys without TOO much fussing and it gets easier each time I do it.  I was happy to find my legs to be a lot stronger than last spring, so I think I will be doing a lot more exploring on my bike this season. 

7.  I got some yellow sneakers.

One thought on “Some things from the last month-ish

  1. I’m quite happy for you – and I’ll be even happier when you rid your apartment of the evil moths.
    Also, nice kicks (yeah, that’s right. You’re not the only one who can bring words back even if I didn’t ever used it the first time around 😉 )

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