Summer Plans

  1. Buy a hat with a gigantic floppy brim;
  2. See the Tall Ships;
  3. Picnics, picnics, picnics;
  4. Berry picking (preferably blueberries), and related adventures in preserving;
  5. Go to some concerts at the Music Garden;
  6. Ride a tandem bike on the Island;
  7. Shakespeare in High Park (it’s Romeo and Juliet this year!);
  8. Have afternoon tea at a fancy hotel on my birthday;
  9. Make homemade Popsicles*;
  10. Get Lasik (and some wicked new non-prescription sunglasses!!!);
  11. Outdoor movies;
  12. Do yoga in the park; and
  13. [reserved for spontaneous summer awesome]

* I did this last night. Macerated strawberries + yogurt + blender = 🙂

3 thoughts on “Summer Plans

    1. Let’s go giant hat shopping together. You’re more fashionable than I am and I really need a floppy hat!

      1. @Grandpaparazzi – You’re right, Clover is the best berry picking partner, hands down. Unlike the Egyptian, she would probably never tell me, “ethnics don’t go fruit picking”!

        @Lizz – Yes, let’s do that! I have done some preliminary hat investigations and I have discovered that what I actually want is a wide brim, but no flop. It turns out I really can’t see where I am going with a wide AND floppy hat. Which is fine for the beach, but I kinda wanted to walk around and stuff in mine. BTW, there some pretty cute floppy, straw hats at H&M for $5!!!! Sadly, too floppy for moi.

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