To eRead, or …

Some strange words came, quite unexpectedly, out of my mouth last night.

“I think I want an eReader.”

The Egyptian’s head silently swiveled in my direction.  We were eating dinner.


Me, backpedalling, “Err, well when I say want I mean, I don’t think it’s retarded like I did before.”

The Egyptian just kept looking at me, incredulous.  Probably recalling a certain Christmas-time conversation in which I begged, “Please don’t buy me a Kindle!!”

I suppressed the urge to check my neck for an extra head that had sprouted in the last few minutes.  Instead I said, “I DON’T KNOW WHY I SAID THAT!”

I don’t know why I said it but I do … I think … want one.  Kinda.  Maybe?  Darn.  All that shit I said about how I like books, paper books, dammit gone to waste.

This morning, The Egyptian was highly into the eReader idea (he likes anything that streamlines possessions) but I was still feeling confused about this weird idea that had been revealed to me.  Obviously, I asked the Magic 8-Ball.

“Should I buy an eReader?”  Very doubtful.

Next, The Egyptian asked it, with more favourable results.  (Birthday present?)

But which one?!  My research today has revealed that Kindle kicks the ass of all eReaders.  I’m not that interested in the Sony one.  Kobo lacks the connectivity and built-in dictionary (among other things I don’t care about as much) of the Kindle but seems like it will get the job done reasonably well for quite a bit less money.  Maybe an eReader is not the place to skimp on price, but what if I don’t like eReading?  Then I have this expensive thing I’m not using and I’ll feel extremely guilty.  On the other hand, if it turns out I do like eReading and I bought the cheap-o one, I might be annoyed that I didn’t just go all the way.


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