I see this guy around all the time.  Gary.  Gary sees me too.  But we are careful not to see each other.

Once, Gary and my ex-husband worked in the same department.  Before the ex changed jobs.  Gary and his wife lived one street over.  The trouble with that apartment was the bus schedule.  Miss your bus and you’re talking about the weather with your husband’s co-worker and his wife for the next 40 minutes.

Gary makes me uncomfortable.  I don’t know if word ever got to Gary that the whole thing went bust.  If he ever decides to see me, will he ask how my ex is?  What will I say?  Will I say, “I hope his condo has an infestation of bedbugs, stupid fucker!”?

Then again.

Gary doesn’t see me with my husband and I don’t see Gary with his wife.  I guess Gary and I can draw our own conclusions.

What do you think?

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