Yogi Training

Sometimes I take this crazy cardio dance class at the gym which happens to be lead by one of my yoga instructors. This instructor and I are in the habit of exchanging pleasantries, mostly yoga-related, but nothing that treads too deeply into the life of the other. That’s how I prefer to keep relationships with these kinds of people – arm’s length – because I really like my gym and I don’t want to have to find a new one if the relationship breaks down.

Anyway, a funny thing happened after the cardio dance class last night. “You know, I’ve been thinking about you,” my instructor began, and then the line was kind of crossed.

What she’d been thinking was that I should consider taking yoga teacher training. Of all the things that anyone could be thinking about me at any given time, this is literally the last thing I’d ever expect someone to be thinking. It didn’t seem like the craziest idea I’d ever heard though.

Oddly enough, exactly one week ago as I mourned what I was about to do to my relationship, I started reading up on the teacher training at some of the studios around town. It did not cross my mind to actually become a yoga instructor – my interest was more about going further within my own practice. I actually dismissed the idea pretty quickly because I thought: Really? Here we go with another Gemini flight of fancy.

Lisa played up the angles most appealing to shy Leslie: pose break-down and self-exploration. “Of course,” she snuck in, “most people eventually decide to teach.”

I have difficulty seeing myself at the front of a yoga class. For one thing, I’m terrified of wheel. For another, I just don’t give a shit about losing 15 pounds to have the kind of body yoga students probably expect their instructor to have. That said, I also can’t imagine being any worse a teacher than some of the dozers I’ve had over the years.

I’m not sure teacher training is for me. It’s expensive and I doubt I should be rushing into any decisions right now. I try to keep my eyes peeled for doors opening to me … this conversation has a door-opening kind of air about it. I guess she must see something there; there must be some reason it came up at this fucked up moment in my life.

What do you think?

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