Buncha Bikes

Last spring, when my bike was stolen from the back porch there were only about five or six of us locking our bikes back there.  Now look at all of them.  The last time I counted there were more than 15.  Doesn’t even include the bikes belonging to the people who were here when I lost my bike – those people now keep their bikes in the laundry room.

I think I’m supposed to be happy that all these people are cycling.  But I just want to punch them all in the head.  They should all be dragging their stupid bikes up the stairs, like me.  Look at that tiny folding bike!  Wtf is that person thinking?  That bike must weigh two pounds!  There is no excuse for leaving that thing outside.

A lot of these bikes are beaters, and I can respect leaving a beater out there, I guess.  Beaters are for leaving out, not worrying about. Some of the bikes are pretty nice though.  I am particularly fond of a vintage (1960s, I think) green Raleigh.  Very pretty.  I’d take it, if I were the kind of person who takes bikes. Instead, I guess I’m  the kind of person who gets mad when other people’s bikes don’t get taken.

What do you think?

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