Boot(y) Camp II

I couldn’t do the outdoor booty camp back in August when I signed up for it. I had forgotten that after my eye surgery I’d have to wear sunglasses for six months and since even my hair was sweating, it was not going to be possible to keep them on my face. I asked them if I could defer my classes and take them when the booty camp moved indoors for fall.

To be honest, I wasn’t too keen on doing the damned thing.  That one class I did was hard, yo.  However, I felt like I better get some kind of plan in place for myself for when I returned from Ottawa or risk becoming the puddle on the couch that the Ottawa trip was supposed to save me from becoming.  It made me feel better knowing I had something scheduled two nights a week for all of October.

I also decided to switch locations to one closer to home – meaning I wouldn’t be doing it with the friend I’d signed up with before.  This made everything doubly traumatic.  But a weird thing happened on the first night while we were all standing around waiting for everyone to have measurements done.

This girl walks up to me and says, “Do you live at [blah blah, address]?”  She lives downstairs.

So that was great.  And after four weeks of walking home together, we are pals.  I commend myself for scheduling the booty camp as a breakup diversion.  I have a hard time making friends with complete strangers, but by the end I had managed to become friendly with a few other girls as well and I think it was a lot more mentally healthy to work out with buddies, opposed to going to the gym and being isolated with myself and my misery.

If you wanna talk turkey, I only lost two pounds but I removed .5 inch from my thighs and hips and two inches from my waist.  There was no measurable difference on my arms but they are noticeably leaner.  Based on the room in my pant legs, I think my thighs shrank more than the measurements revealed – measurements aren’t exactly scientific, after all.  Who knows if they’re measuring the same spot?!

I am really, really pleased with these results.  I’d been plateaued for over a year, no movement no matter what I did.  I know maintenance is boring, but it’s terribly disheartening to be stuck maintaining something that actually still needs improvement.  That said, even if I got no results, booty camp was totally worth it to learn all the things I can do that I would never have suspected I could (plank jacks, anyone?), things I would never even have tried.  Tonight, for example (oh yes, I loved it so much I signed up for another session of torture), the instructor demo’d these terrible lunges she wanted us to do and I thought, “this chick is off her fucking rocker” – and then I just did it.

In conclusion, if you challenge me to a fight on the playground, I’ll probably kick your ass.  I’m really good at punching now.

Boot camp!

4 thoughts on “Boot(y) Camp II

  1. This sounds amazing! I always wanted to try a Boot Camp and this gives me hope!
    Hopefully, I can find some energy and strength to try one soon; I feel 100 years old since Preston was born.

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