Ashes to Ashes

I had a conversation today about approaches to ashes.  Scatter?  Save?  Bury?  I think if I were cremated, I’d want someone to be stuck taking care of me, dust off my urn every now and then.  I hope they curse me out for entrusting them with the care of my ashes while they’re running the Swiffer duster over my  final resting place – on top of their TV.

I always assumed I’d cremate myself.  I am opposed to taking up space in an indestructible box in a cemetery.  But being with The Egyptian, I learned that Muslims consider burning a body a dishonour to the dead.  I’ve thought about this a long time and I think it actually does seem rather terrible.  I think their method of washing the body, wrapping it in a white cloth and putting it in the ground within 24 hours is lovely.

I guess North Americans are coming around to this idea slowly.  But we prefer to call it a “green burial“.   You can have some sort of rough-hewn wooden box, if you really must.  Or you can choose a shroud or a cardboard box, which I think is the way to go.  If I’m going in the ground anyway, I want to become part of the earth.  Please no chemicals, no weird make-up and please no super polished, velvet-lined box.

Or, there’s also promession, which is kind of awesome.  They freeze you, shatter you into a bajillion pieces and then you can be put out in the garden to fertilize their tulips with you.  I like that.

I also really like author, Patricia Pearson’s thought on the matter:

“I myself would like to be buried in a bed of soft lake sediment so that I can turn up in 215 million years as an interesting fossil.” (Area Woman Blows Gasket: Tales from the Domestic Frontier)

But the death towers are still my fave.


Somewhat related, I’d like Ingrid to sing at my funeral and I think Lisa should probably do a belly dance.

2 thoughts on “Ashes to Ashes

  1. Hopefully, I’ll go first. But at the very least I hope that that will be so far in the future that my voice will be all croaky and I won’t be able to hold a note!

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