This could be your Christmas present

Sometimes I get mail at my parent’s place which is interesting because I’ve never lived there.  Tonight when I was visiting, my mother gave me my mail – this ridiculous catalogue full of items so ridiculous they are kind of awesome.  Like:

The Dragon of Falkenberg Castle Moat Lawn Statue (Your neighbors will steer clear when they see this intricately sculpted dragon stretched out over two feet long in your flowerbed!)

Babette Sculptural Glass-Topped Table (Seamed stockings, red garters, and strappy red heels combine to demand attention in this retro work of decorative art for home or gallery.)

I don’t know how there is possibly a market for an entire catalogue of this crap, but I’m glad there is.  Your neighbours will steer clear alright!

3 thoughts on “This could be your Christmas present

  1. This selection is truly extraordinary! They have an Angel of Reason for sale, although they don’t name that angel. Is this an oxymoron?

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