St. Clair W.

Sometimes I think about starting a blog about my neighbourhood.  I’ve been living up here for over three years now (how did that happen?) and despite my incessant Googling about the area, in all this time, not much more comes up about it now than it did three years ago. Yeah, there’s been a bit more media interest since the street car right-of-way was finished, but there isn’t much really devoted to showcasing what a cool place it is and what a cool place it is becoming.  Overall, this area is underreported upon. I have done a lot of legwork up here and it gives me the warm fuzzies to think I could help people who are new to the area figure out where to eat, get great coffee or buy books.

On the other hand, I’ve already tried to write a blog specifically about something else I feel incredibly passionate about.  Yoga.  I wrote exactly three posts and abandoned it forever.  Let’s be frank: I am pretty lazy.*

Anyway, go to Noir Coffee and Tea.  Eat a peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie.  Four thumbs up (mine and Lisa’s – we checked this place out today).

* I should stop saying I’m lazy. I do have a job I go to every day. After that I generally exercise and nourish my body, and keep some sort of order in my living space and maintain relationships. It just doesn’t leave a lot of time for this blog, let alone two blogs.

What do you think?

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