Moths (Still)

It’s been ages since I’ve seen a clothing moth around here.  So long, I thought they’d been wiped out by the last round of pheromone traps.  So long that I actually mentioned to Leeanne that I thought I was done with them.  I’d held it in for a few weeks, too.  But yeah, soon as I said it, I spotted a wee moth.

I’ve gotten lax on the war.  I don’t have any clothes in plastic bags anymore.*  But I did get rid of a lot of stuff, so whatever is left is in the wear rotation (thus, washed often).  I don’t vacuum more than once a week anymore.  Sometimes (since the breakup) I can’t even be bothered to do it once a week.  I forgot to replace the traps when they hit their best before date.  Point is, it’s no surprise the moths have gained a bit of ground.

I’ve since learned of a lot more people who have moths.  My friend’s mom actually told me that you CAN’T get rid of them, once you have them.  It sort of seems that way, doesn’t it?  The trouble is their life cycle is so freaking long.  They can stay in the destructive larvae stage forever.

Back in the thick of my mania, someone asked me what the big deal was. “It’s not like you’ve lost a ton of stuff or anything,” they said.

I didn’t lose a lot of things.  What I lost though, was important.  I lost my $200 mukluks.  I lost the beautiful embroidered wool pashmina that I wore to Theresa’s wedding.  I lost a blanket from my childhood that my aunt had quilted.  My dad lost a pretty nice pair of suede slippers he kept here (for when he’s over doing man chores).  He didn’t seem to care that much though.

If I have to pick, I’ll take these moths over bedbugs which Toronto is infested with right now.  I am grateful I’m not getting eaten when I go to sleep, but it’s not like moths do absolutely nothing.  They wreck your stuff.  They’re not butterflies, people.

I got new traps.  I’m gearing up for some crazy vacuuming.  These moths are going down.


* Though I will admit that all my sheets, towels, blankets and any off season clothing is all binned. Some of my in-season coats are binned, too.

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