Not So Local Christmas

I was really excited by my walk with Lisa last weekend. We checked out a few little shops I’d never hit up before and they were really cool. In a fit of inspiration I decided I would do all of my Christmas shopping in the ‘hood. I was going to go all local, baby!

Then I remembered I’d already ordered a magazine subscription for someone.  I’m pretty sure there is absolutely no way that can be considered local. I ordered it through a school fundraising thing for a co-worker’s kid’s school. At least if this kid went to school in Toronto, I’d have some shred to hold onto. But the kid goes to school in Caledon, or something. Some place far man.  Far.

And then I remembered I had to buy at least one CD and I don’t think we have a purveyor of CDs up here. There’s Flying Pig Records but I don’t think they have what I need. What am I gonna say?  Sorry Mom. You can’t have that cd you asked for because I decided to only do Christmas shopping within walking distance of home.

I don’t think so.

And THEN I remembered that this other thing I was going to get my mom is something I saw at the One of a Kind Show last year.  Arrgh, the Exhibition Grounds are definitely not close to home. This Christmas is shaping up to be pretty bad for my mother.

Perhaps an exception could be made to go out of bounds for artisan goods. Money spent at the One of a Kind supports indie business.  It’s kind of the same thing, right?

So maybe an exception could be made to also do shopping within walking distance of my workplace. I have to go there anyway. In September, I passed my nine year anniversary with the firm. Why, it’s almost as if I live there, right? And I can get the CD right downstairs, in the very same building.

But, of course, HMV is very certainly not a small business. Hmm.

What if I give the jam I made from pears I picked from a neighbour’s back yard? Would it act like a carbon offset, lowering the impact of shopping at the dreaded corporate HMV?

I guess it’s not going to happen the way I’d conceived it but I’ll still do what I can up here in the ‘hood. I’d seen some sweet knitted hats and mittens I wanted to get for my Grandmas. This morning, I went back to Parpar for them and I learned that Rule No. 1 of shopping indie, local stores is “Don’t fucking dither. It is not going to be there when you go back, Dumbass.”

On my outing, I got four Christmas presents and two birthday presents so it was a great success. I dropped in to a cafe and took up space reading there for awhile. I didn’t resist buying some sunflowers to cheer up my apartment on the way home. I had nice little conversations at all of the places I stopped. The effort to shop this way is greater, but the experience is also more satisfying. And coffee from a small place is always better than Starbucks (or Second Cup, or Tim Hortons).

What do you think?

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