F*cking Awesome Day

When I woke up this morning, it was already a great day because I knew I was going to the One of a Kind Show with Kellie after work.

And then, somebody told me my eyes looked “amazing.”

And then, somebody said, “Look at you, fading away to nothing!”  Which is inaccurate, but totally awesome – and I will totally take that compliment.

And then, I went around to look in the basket of doughnuts the firm puts out for us on Fridays and something truly mind-blowing happened.  A chocolate dipped doughnut was left in the basket!!  Usually, by the time I remember it’s Friday, and it’s doughnut time, the only thing left are apples.  Or, I remember and there’s lots of doughnuts and muffins left (but never a chocolate dipped one!) and I pick an apple anyway. One doesn’t “fade away to nothing” by eating the Friday doughnuts, after all.  But when there’s a chocolate dipped doughnut left, you better believe that it’s a sign from God: It is your day to eat a m*therf*cking doughnut. Awesome!

And then, I got an email advising something I’ve written is going to be published in an actual, honest-to-goodness publication!  Whaaaaat?  Holy cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then, Kellie and I had the best shawarma ever for dinner!  And then, we went to the artisan show!

When I got home, I discovered that while I was out my cat had peed on the floor, literally right beside his litter box. What a jackass.  I guess you can’t have a perfect day!

14 thoughts on “F*cking Awesome Day

    1. Thanks, guys!

      It’s a Facts & Arguments about my (former) book club. I think it’s going to be out Thursday.

      Lizz, I don’t know! I think I was still in shock!!

  1. Yay, I read it! And liked it! And it makes me happy that you got a really cool illustration to go with it! And your book club sounds truly awful, and I think that flat out sucks because it doesn’t have to be that way!

    Won’t someone please help me with my exclamation point addiction!


      1. Ooh, and you sparked a thoughtful comment thread, too!

        Are all Canadian comment threads this high quality? Our paper’s readers would have been all WHO CRARES WHAT BOOKSHE LIKE WAKE UP PEOPLE GARCIA MARQEZ MAKES YOU WONDER? WHAT IS THE IMMIGRATON STATUS IS HMMMM!11!! If there were ever any comments on the book articles, that is.

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