Poor Old Bird

I’m so glad that my Aunt emailed me a dog video tonight because I was struggling to remember what I wanted to blog about tonight.  Of course, there’s always the follow-up appointment to my sleep study to write about, but does anybody really care? I barely even care at this point. Luckily, nothing triggers the old noggin like a clip of a Jack Russell waiting for Santa Claus.

So, my Aunt and her friend came down to the City from Orillia on Friday and they, along with my Mom, went to the One of a Kind Show. They went during the day; Kellie and I went in the evening. A proper daughter might go to the One of a Kind Show with her mother, but dudes, I needed to buy her Christmas present there. I can’t have her all up in my grill about who that [CRAZY AWESOME THING I GOT] is for.

By way of background, my Aunt is what I would call obsessed with earrings one might label, “different”. Although not technically earrings, we both notably went through a phase when we were really into these things that clipped on the back part of your ear. I had a man and a frog. (Aside: This lead to a creepy incident in which my grade 12 English teacher, Mr. Hall, snuck up behind me and said in his strange put-on English accent, “There’s a little man crawling up your ear …”). We also once bought these wicked earrings at the Renaissance fair.  These things incorporated both a dangly part that hung from your piercing AND a clip-on thing – with a chain that looped between the two. Bad. Ass. Clearly, it is not only my Aunt who is obsessed with weird earrings, but let’s just say, her love runs deep.

Now, there is a particular artisan at the One of a Kind Show who makes these bizarre earrings out of wire. The idea is you’re wearing one earring, but it looks like you’re wearing several all in one ear. My Aunt really digs these earrings. In fact, she was walking around the show already wearing a pair she’d purchased another time when she came upon the booth (where she bought more).

At a certain point after that, my Aunt became momentarily separated from my Mom and her friend. A random shopper approached to inquire about her earrings.

“Is that just one pair of earrings, or a bunch?” she asked.

My sweet, sensitive Aunt replied that, no, it was just one pair made to look like a lot. I imagine she said this with a lot of excitement. She would have really grooved on sharing this incredible find with someone who had yet to experience the wonder of wearing such crazy earrings. She was probably getting ready to give the woman detailed directions to get to the booth. And then.

“Oh, good. I wondered – imagine an old bird like you wearing all those earrings!”

Welcome to Toronto, Aunt Mary!

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