Disappointing Dragon Fruit!

Awhile ago I saw a split open dragon fruit in a Kashi commercial but I had no idea what it was.

“WHAT IS THAT??” I asked The Egyptian who said he couldn’t remember what it was called but that it “wasn’t all that good.”

I wondered how a fruit so beautiful wouldn’t taste equally beautiful, but decided to take him at his word, this being a man who willingly eats gizzards. For this Westerner, it would have to taste pretty bad to be worse than gizzards.

Zipping ahead a few weeks, I’d gone grocery shopping at one of the new Fresh Co. stores that have been springing up around town. This store was crazy awesome. It had so much neat food! Like, all kinds of produce I’d never seen before and in the bakery it even had burfi and jalebi.  By the time we checked out I had the weirdest cart full of groceries I’d ever assembled and no idea what I was going to do with any of it (I managed).

Anyway, as my parents and I poked around the fruit section we found some dragon fruit. All of us had encountered these things before at our regular grocery stores, but after a debrief on the matter, it turned out zero of us had bought one, or figured out how to prepare and eat it. It wasn’t going to happen that night either.

A couple days later my mom sent me a link.  I think it was something like, “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Dragon Fruit But Were Too Damned Lazy to Look Up So Your Mother Had To Do It For You.” I pulled it up and, OMG, it was the fruit from the Kashi commercial!

I picked one up the next time I hit the grocery store. The cashier asked me to let her know how it was, like we’re buds or something. Pretty stoked, armed with my internet knowledge, I got around to cutting that thing open tonight. But you know what? It wasn’t all that good. I simply cannot compute how something so cool-looking can taste so bland. (Sigh!)

For the record though, gizzards aren’t so bad.

3 thoughts on “Disappointing Dragon Fruit!

  1. No kidding! I tried one a few years ago cause someone at weightwatchers was raving about it….it had as much flavour as chewing on a wet washcloth! I wonder if it’s much better picked ripe from the tree…?

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