Pick-Ups II

I’ve had a drought on the crazy pick-up line front (although an old man and his wife did buy me a Cuba Libre at the Dupont Mansion in Varadero, which was a little on the weird side) but it was well worth the wait.

I had to go out to the drugstore for some provisions this morning where some guy starts chatting me up with the following line:

You know, you’re much taller than Jon Bon Jovi. You’re more the size of Bret Michaels.

This frankly stands on it’s own and doesn’t need a lot of commentary from me. Maybe comparing me to a badass chick rockstar – Joan Jett? Patti Smith? – would have been more effective. Just one thought. I might also mention that my brief Googling has revealed that JBJ stands 5 foot 10, and Bret Michaels, 5 foot 9.

I’m 5 foot 3.

2 thoughts on “Pick-Ups II

  1. I was at a radio station once when JBJ walked down the hall. I remember him as being very tall. But it was the 80’s and his hair was pretty big.

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