Sting Like a Bee

Man, I really felt everything coming together last night.  I was turning my punches over, powering them from my legs and the teacher never had to hit me in the head once to remind me to keep my hands up and protect my face.  This newfound fluidity can only mean one thing: My month-long session of boxing is over.  Sigh.

April, you may remember was the evil genius behind boot(y) camp. She e-mailed me one day to see if I’d be interested in taking a boxing class with her. As I mentioned, she is evil, so she included a link to a place with a good time slot that she’d already located near our workplace, knowing it would be next to impossible to turn her down. This happened to coincide with a flurry of media attention on my immediate neighbourhood, where a few women had caught some creep peering into their ground floor windows. In at least one case, he was found cutting their screens attempting to gain access to their units. Suddenly a boxing class seemed like a very wise investment.

I heard Cara on the Biggest Loser call boxing “the ultimate fat melter.” To be honest, I think that’s an understatement. It’s more like a fat fryer. I lost a lot of fat in the six sessions I attended (I missed two). It actually got to the point where I dreaded running into co-workers because of all the commentary on the matter. I barely identify my legs as my legs. That’s how effective boxing is!

Punching is awesome. I mean, I thought boot camp was pretty great and it was certainly effective, but boxing kicks boot camp’s ass in every way. More fun, more results, more empowerment. At the end of each boxing class I felt exhilarated, like I could climb Kilimanjaro! After boot camp I wanted to go to bed immediately.

I’m (probably) not going to be lacing up my gloves for the debut of ladies boxing at the Olympics next year but all I really hoped to gain from this class were the skills to clock this asshole, which I did. Sadly, boxing conflicts with the writing class I started last week so it’s back to the boring gym for a few months. Until then cheri.

One thought on “Sting Like a Bee

  1. Thanks for sharing such an awesome experience with me! Evil as my intentions may have seemed, it was a much needed kick in the arse to get me going again on some kind of self-improvement to April campaign!! Glad you were there to spur me on! Here’s to our next session in July!!!!! Rock ’em Sock ’em I say!

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