Jam Thumbprints

Lizz invited me to “A Royal Celebration” this afternoon, a tea party inspired by Wills and Kate’s upcoming nuptials. A tea party? Fuck yeah. I love tea. [Side story: I had a note here to link to the post I wrote about my birthday last year, when Kellie, Trisha and I had afternoon tea at the Windsor Arms buuuut, apparently I didn’t actually write about my birthday last year. That’s sad, as it was a very nice birthday. One of my favourites, in fact.] Plus this gave me the perfect excuse to do two things I’ve wanted to do for awhile: Make jam thumbprint cookies and use my coronation of Queen Elizabeth commemorative plate.

The Queen Elizabeth plate belonged to my great grandmother and came down to me via my grandma, who’d kept it after her mother’s death. Years later she must have looked at it during a kitchen purge and thought, “This is exactly the weird kind of thing Leslie would like” and it is. It’s the perfect thing, really. I don’t know that I’ll have kids, let alone great grandkids that would be super jazzed to use a Royal family commemorative plate to take cookies to a tea party, but lately I’ve been thinking I need a Will and Kate plate to go with the Queen Elizabeth plate, anyway. I have a birthday coming up. Just throwing it out there.

I used a Martha recipe for the cookies. They were easy (only five ingredients!), fun to make, tasty and the yield was accurate. Most importantly – they were for a Royal Celebration after all – they looked pretty. Check them early though. Mine were done at 16 minutes and would have been garbage at the suggested 18-20.

What do you think?

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