Un-Procrastination Prize

A few Saturdays ago I was procrastinating by reading a blog post about how to stop procrastinating (that’s rich). The post consisted of a list of ten or so simple ideas that would inspire you to get cracking. I was screwing around reading this blog post about procrastination because I did not want to write pitch letters.┬áIn all honesty, I was annoyed by this blog post’s advice. I know how to stop dicking around. Basically it involves the avoidance of dicking around. It’s just that I enjoy dicking around. A lot.

Despite my irritation, when I read the tip that went something like, “Clean off your desk and start – don’t make any decisions about what to do wth the stuff, just clear it off and deal with it later,” I was moved to act. My desk and chair had been buried for ages, causing me to work in the living room where there are way, WAY too many distractions.

Yes, I thought, I must do that right this second! So here’s what I did. I went into my room, gathered up all the clutter from the desk and threw it on the floor. Okay, I made a neat pile and stacked it on the floor.

Then I did not start writing pitch letters. I took down the bulletin board over my desk. All the things pinned on it had been bothering me for awhile. I hung my F&A, which I’d been peer-pressured into putting on a plaque, in its place.

Then I started. And I got a lot of work done! Pitches and all kinds of stuff. My focus while at the desk was unreal. I started working at the desk all the time. Well, a lot more often, anyway. After a couple days of using the desk, I realized I really needed a lamp. I wanted a particular floor lamp with a bendy neck from IKEA. I actually had owned this lamp before, in the house, but for reasons now unknown, abandoned it there when I moved out.

Who can I coerce into taking me to IKEA? I wondered. I swear, the only time I ever think about buying a car, it is somehow IKEA-related. Man, that place is a pain in the ass. Then the craziest thing happened. I kid you not, within the week, the exact lamp I wanted appeared in the stairwell! I obviously scavenged that sucker, stat.

+10 on the Richter scale of Awesome.

Yes. My desk is a shelf. I got the idea from this Design Sponge post. Unorthodox, indeed, but it works really well.

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