Accidental Committment

In a 2005 interview with the The Wire, when asked to what extent his funnier songs were ironic, Murphy underlined exactly how much of his life he’d dedicated to music. He’d held no other real jobs. He hadn’t gotten through college. He was 34 years old, his parents were gone, and he’d spent his entire life on independent music; there was no choice but to care, earnestly and desperately. And then, in one of those signature Murphy moments where he seems to be affably warning his audience about how life works, he confessed that this fact might actually be embarrassing and humiliating and advised that we all pay close attention to the things we’re accidentally committing our lives to.

Abebe, Nitsuh. “A Marvel of Pure Craft: The Legacy of James Murphy and LCD Soundsystem.” New York. 11 Apr 2011: 87. Print.

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