Post Card Love: II

I got this crazy cool post card (the one depicting the Presbyterian Seminary Chapel in Austin) from Joolie today. In a strange – perhaps holy? – coincidence, today’s mail also contained a cheque from the United Church Observer for a personal essay I wrote (July/August issue) for them. This seems like a sign. My next blog post may come to you from my adventures on an evangelical mission.

While we’re on the topic (of post cards, not missions), Lizz sent me this touching post card from the Yukon a few months ago. “A little something” she wrote, “to keep your travel bug growing strong!”  I am pretty sweet on this post card because Lizz knows that I have been planning to visit the Yukon to see the Northern Lights. When someone thinks of your corny plans on their trip – that’s pretty awesome.

Also awesome? This joke from Joolie’s post card:

Q: Why don’t cannibals eat clowns? A: Because they taste funny!

I have officially given up all hope that the post cards I sent in Cuba are going to make it to Canada. In the earlier post card post I kind of made the argument that picking the cards and writing them is gratifying in and of itself. I’ll stand by that, I guess, but the best part is definitely when they reach their destination and make someone’s day better. That’s what these ones did for me.

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