It’s been a privilege to know you.

This lady is the reason we went to the zoo yesterday. All of us, but especially me and Elena, wanted to say goodbye to the elephants before they’re moved to the PAWS sanctuary in California. We were all very tired by the time we got to the elephant enclosure, and when none of the elephants were out, we were deflated.

We talked about heading out but wandered over to the hippo exhibit instead. We were lucky to get to see the hippos being fed by their keeper. We decided to be happy with that because it was pretty cool.

And then I saw something amazing through the trees that separate the hippo and elephant areas. This immense creature, moving so slowly and gracefully. And quietly. How do they not make more noise?

So we rushed back. Us and a crowd, a very hushed crowd. As she circled her pen, I felt like I was seeing an elephant for the very first time. I almost could not believe my eyes. She put a spell on all of us.

I am a huge advocate for moving the elephants to a warmer climate, but watching her yesterday, I felt pretty sorry that it’s actually happening.

What do you think?

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