Species at Risk

Photo (stolen from National Geographic) credit: Philip Dien

Almost 60% of the world’s polar bears live in Canada, so I was glad earlier this month that Environment Canada finally declared them a species of special concern under the Species at Risk Act.  Now a management plan will be put in place to protect them.

What shocked me the most when I saw the news release (I read government press releases that pertain to environment for work, even though strictly speaking there was no need to read this one as it has nothing to do with anything we’re working on but I mean hello, polar bears) is that I had assumed polar bears were already protected – it seems pretty obvious that they need protection considering their habitat is melting.

This reminds me of something a guy said in The Cove (which I watched a few weekends ago and caused me to bawl my face off). I’ll try to find a proper reference and update this post later, but basically the guy was saying nobody is fighting these fights anymore. Yeah, we’re using our green-washed cleaners and eating organics, but all the real environmental activists are getting older, and their causes – Save the Whales was his example – are not being picked up by the next generation and that work is going down the drain. Whale populations are declining again.

I’m not sure what I’m getting at here. I guess, just that I find it incredibly sad that now when we are all supposedly so environmentally aware, things only seem worse than ever, we’re squandering hard work that has already been done and it doesn’t look to me like we’re going to do much about it, either. Pathetic.

3 thoughts on “Species at Risk

  1. I’m sad that Coke has pledged 2 million over 5 years – probably equivalent to their office coffee spending – and pretends that they’re doing something

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