The Fox Typewriter

I don’t even remember what I was originally looking for, one day back in the summer, when I landed on this typewriter on Etsy. Actually, I was probably looking at vintage typewriters, which I am in the habit of doing periodically. I love them. I’ve always wanted one because I think their awesome factor is sky high, but the fact that they are basically a giant dust collector has usually tempered any plans to actually whip out my wallet. My imaginary vintage typewriter was a Royal, or a Remington, or maybe an Underwood. However. In real life, how could I resist a typewriter called, THE FOX?

The Fox was made by the Fox Typewriter Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This model is one of the first “visible” machines (meaning the type bars strike the platen at the front instead of underneath so the typist can see what they’re doing) came to market in 1906 and was manufactured until the Fox Typewriter Company folded in 1921. Corona sued Fox for patent infringement on their line of portable typewriters. The article linked below suggests that there is reason to believe that Fox didn’t in fact violate the patent and that it was simply the sheer expense of fighting the lawsuit that resulted in their demise. Sad story, as The Fox is a beautiful machine, with lovely gold and silver detailing – and an illustration of a Fox. Come on now!

Shame on you, Corona. I’m glad I didn’t buy one of your typewriters.

"I got that typewriter eight or nine years ago from the same vintage shop I still go to in the same neighborhood I still live in (albeit in a few different houses). And it was made in my home town. It's a special one. My mom said, almost angrily, "You sold the Fox?!" when she heard. So take care of it and love it; it deserves it." - CJ (Timeless Muse on Etsy)

Recommended reading: Fox Visible Typewriters by Will Davis with Jim Dax, Peter Weil, Ed Neuert, Herman Price, Richard Polt.

3 thoughts on “The Fox Typewriter

  1. Hi! I love this typewriter. I saw this same one at an antique show last weekend and am just kicking myself for not buying it. If you are ever in the market to sell, please let me know! My husband loves to write and our last name is Fox, so it’s kind of perfect!

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