Dearly Departed

Portrait of Poco by Katie Sonnichsen

A few years ago Rob, a lawyer at work, showed me some portraits he’d had painted of his dogs. They were great and I asked Rob for the contact information of the artist which I then basically just tucked away. It never really seemed like the right time to spend my money on a painting of my cat. But then Poco died and it didn’t seem like such a crazy idea anymore.

If you click that link, you can see the reference picture Katie, the artist, used and how closely she captured him. I think it’s amazing. I also asked Katie to paint a second portrait which I cannot reveal at this time because it’s a Christmas present – it’s also fantastic.

While I was internet stalking Katie, I discovered that not only is she an amazing artist, she is also a firefighter. This makes her pretty much the most amazing girl on Earth.

Maybe you’re in the market for a pet portrait? Here’s Katie’s website. You will not be disappointed by her work, or her handshake.

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