Things Padmasree Said

In looking into Padmasree Warrior, Chief Technology Officer at Cisco today for a project I’m working on, I watched some little videos from Iridescent’s Stories of Leadership panel that she spoke at. She said a couple of things that really resonated with me:

I never let my work define who I am. I always tell people I define my work, not the other way around. Sometimes we get confused and may think of our identity as a title we have, or a job we have and I think that is such an injustice to who we are as people.

Keep at it. Don’t give up. Don’t quit too early. Believe in what you’re doing. Make sure you’re passionate. Surround yourself with people that also share that passion.

Sometimes I forget that what I do in my day job doesn’t define me. And sometimes I really, really feel like quitting (today there were at least a couple of things I felt like quitting – though neither were my day job – life would be easier). But she’s right, and I will try to keep this advice front-of-mind. Thanks, Padmasree.

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