Your Brain In Love: Stanford Love Competition

I think this is a very beautiful experiment and a beautiful film that captures it.

Marilyn, just before the 6 minute mark:

I love what Ram Dass* said. Ram Dass says if you’re in a relationship for the money, for the sex, for the companionship – for any of those reasons – it’s not going to last. You have to be in it for, what he calls, to come to God together. Now, I don’t believe he means to take the other person to church. I think he means to evolve together. So to me, ‘come to God’ means that you’re helping the other person to evolve into the person they’re supposed to be and they’re helping you evolve.

This seems true to me. Sometimes, however, there is quandry. Someone has helped you evolve, and you’ve helped them evolve yet still it doesn’t last. Evolution is tough. That explains why love is so fucking painful. I have a hard time believing this, but maybe the lasting is less important than the profound change that results from having been together at all.

* Extra xos to Kathleen for sorting out who this guy was for me, so I could link it and learn more about him.

5 thoughts on “Your Brain In Love: Stanford Love Competition

  1. Hello Internet Girl,

    It might sound like I am blowing smoke up your posterior, but I usually get something good from your posts. Been having a heavy heart on some things recently, I really kind of get this. Screw evolution, I hate further!

    1. Patrick, I’m sorry you have a heavy heart. That makes me sad. I guess because your comments always me feel awesome, I imagine you walking around just being awesome all the time. I hope you are awesome again soon.

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