The Junction Flea

Yesterday, Bryony and I  met up and headed to The Junction Flea, which is a new market that started up this summer. It runs every second Sunday of the month in the area of town known as The Junction. I hadn’t been into the heart of The Junction before and I learned that it’s a really cool neighbourhood that merits more exploring. It really has its own vibe that is much different from the other parts of town that I usually inhabit.

The Flea was EXCEPTIONAL. Tons of really good vintage stuff mixed with interesting indie jewellery and art. The Flea has enjoyed a lot of buzz so I feared it would be overpriced. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that most stuff was reasonably priced or even way cheaper than I would have expected. For example, one old guy was selling very cool old photos and other interesting ephemera all framed up and ready to hang for just $5. Sadly, I recently re-outfitted my place and my walls are fully decked (to the point that I actually put some of my art collection in storage), so with despair I forced myself to put back two beautiful black and white portraits I spotted. 

Before I set out I vowed to refrain from purchasing any kitchen items I wasn’t strictly in the market for, these items being a devilled egg plate and vintage cake stand(s). My kitchen is already a contender for Hoarders: Kitchen Edition. Vintage kitchen stuff is a real weakness for me. I already have a giant collection of vintage Pyrex that I can’t quite figure out how to organize so I simply cannot justify bringing anything else into the kitchen without going through the monumental task of purging the hell out of it first. I have literally been putting this off for five years since I downsized from my house into this apartment. All of this is to say, when I see this much amazing vintage stuff in one place, especially kitchen stuff, I break out in nervous sweats.

Some items that had my sweat glands working overtime: letterpress drawers, milk glass compotes, Dansk enamelware, fantastic art prints (in particular, a large print that featured a repeating motif of the old-school province of Ontario logo that I’m still kicking myself for not buying, or at least taking the artist’s card, but as I mentioned, I need more art like I need a hole in the head), a gorgeous 6-drawer library card catalogue (just $60!) and a mah jong set. We both pined for a mint-condition mid-century modern desk but realistically we both conceded it wouldn’t fit into our already-done apartments. A 50s/60s tin picnic basket containing a full set of blue and yellow melmac dishes (only $20!!) seriously tested my resolve but somehow I managed to hold out. I am telling you  though, if I see that bad mother at the next Flea, IT WILL BE MINE.

Bryony ended up with a solid haul that included a terrarium, a lovely set of liqueur glasses and a funky old fan. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending upon how you view the situation), I did not come across any devilled egg plates or cake stands. Instead, I got a delightful/ridiculous 1960s pink fringe necklace and some letterpress blocks with which I spelled a curse (obviously).

Bottom line: The Junction Flea is an excellent antique-y market within the city limits and fills a void for us car-less city types for whom the Aberfoyle Antique Market is not really a feasible trek. You could really do up your excursion to the Flea by having a bite at The Junction Eatery or Cool Hand of a Girl (I would choose this place based solely on its name), both directly across the street from the Flea. Hula Girl Espresso, also looked like a good bet for a coffee.

The Junction Flea is easily accessible by transit. Ride the Rocket westbound to Dundas West station, then either walk north on Dundas West to Indian Grove (15 minutes max, strolling pace), or take the #40 “The Junction” bus from Dundas West station.

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