Day Tripper Part II: Texas BBQ in Ottawa

I wasn’t expecting to see this when I got to Sparks Street.This does not normally belong there. I headed up to Sparks after the van Gogh exbibit to get my souvenir – a pound of coffee from Bridgehead. Oh, Bridgehead. Why won’t you open a store in Toronto? Just kidding: don’t. I can never get bored of you when I have to go all the way to Ottawa to get your delicious brew.

Anyway, Texas BBQ on Sparks. There were a few of these as there was some sort of competition going on. I stood back and pondered this enormous rig. Okay, this thing appeared as if by magic, so obviously I should eat some. But I hate ribs (well, I don’t really hate ribs, I just dislike like eating messy things off a bone). Alright, the grilled chicken. Excellent compromising, Sinclair. Ooooohhhh, wait. I don’t have enough money because for some reason I spent it at Bridgehead. Why did I do this? I don’t know, I was so surprised when I opened my wallet and saw real money in there that I had to spend it immediately? Yeah, it’s for my taxi to the train station, but whatever!

I wandered off in search of an ATM, but by the time I found one I was already halfway to Byward Market, which was my final destination for the day. And my feet inside my new Tom’s were starting to blister, so I made the unfortunate decision not to go back to the BBQ stand. I can however report that it smelled really fucking good and I will forever regret not eating any. I will console myself with the fact that it is likely a best practice to eat Texas BBQ in the state of Texas, not Canada.

[Edited to add: Thanks to Kathleen for letting me know that these things are totally commonplace. Obviously I have never been to Ribfest!]

6 thoughts on “Day Tripper Part II: Texas BBQ in Ottawa

  1. Hi Leslie,
    There used to be a Bridgehead store in Toronto (on Hayden, near Yonge & Bloor) but it closed down before the whole block was razed for the non-existent condo. Yes, their coffee is good. Also, I’ve seen that Texas BBQ stand along with others from surrounding states at different locations around Toronto – including the Distillery District! Look for “Ribfest” ads and you’ll probably come across the exact same stand. They travel around the continent, satiating millions! 🙂

    1. Gah, poor Bridgehead! I miss that block, there was some good eatin’ on it. It is where I ate my first sushi and oxtail back when I worked at Retail Council. Shame. Regarding the BBQ stands – wow – I need to get out more? At least I know I can get some Texas BBQ in the Distillery, thanks KED!

  2. Yes Les, Shayla has actually been doing “the circuit” working for one of the rigs that goes to every RIBFEST celebration! We have eaten ribs and cornbread at Toronto Ribfest and Mississauga Ribfest! You must check it out! It is messy eats for sure, but, fun!

    1. Unbelieveable! If only I had known I could get chicken at Ribfest, this stand would not have seemed like the 8th wonder of the world when I came across it.

    1. Joolie, these places look AMAZING! I started planning my Texas trip for this fall but the scope of it got completely out of control and I flipped out and decided to go to Chicago instead! I am going to have to bend your ear on a game plan!

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