List, 2013

Blog at least once a week: Thanks a lot to the WordPress year-end blog report email that pointed out I blogged a grand total of 21 times last year. Bad. So let’s pick a day for this to happen. How about Tuesday?

Debra’s 10 clips in 2013 Challenge: This is impossible, but I think what she was getting at when she proposed this was not as much about clips (although those would be nice) as about being disciplined and doing the work. Then sending the work out. But Debra knows having a numerical target helps this Gemini get her shit together.

Trips to take: 1. See the Rockies. 2. Austin, TX.

Make a painting each month: I resolved this last year. And it went so well that just before Christmas, I broke out my acrylics to make a little painting for Leeanne – and discovered that most of them had gone bad. Not good.

Take a short fiction class: I resolved to write a short story last year, but I couldn’t figure out how to get going.

Don’t get behind on reading my subscription to The Atlantic: I don’t know how I’ll manage this, as I’m currently about 4 issues behind from 2012.

Have people over once a month: I used to do this on the regular and I miss it. It gives a life to the place. Inspiration.

Stay well: This means keep up your running and yoga practice, Leslie. Remember how crappy it was when you weren’t doing these things last year?

Happy 2013!

3 thoughts on “List, 2013

  1. All very reasonably sound resolutions. I’m going to get my paints out this year too and I might even use them. Love you much

  2. Hey, I was just thinking I should post on an every-Sunday schedule. Worth a try, right? Also, trip #2 seems like a concrete, attainable goal, and I fully endorse the achievement of same. Happy 2013!

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