Set It Free

20130104-065848.jpgIn the gift shop at the Frida & Diego exhibit a couple months ago, I struggled with the decision to buy some post cards. Perhaps my favourite part of the exhibit was not either artist’s work, but the series of portraits of Frida photographed by Nikolas Muray. Muray in fact had a long affair with Kahlo – maybe that’s why the photos are so beautiful.

I have a habit of buying pretty stationery (including post cards) and saving it for myself – the exact opposite of what it’s for – and that’s why the post card sized reproductions posed a dilemma. I’d resolved not to add any more to my collection until I thinned it by at least half. The culling was actually going pretty well. Possibly, I could have purchased the Frida cards with no remorse, but the damned things were giving me heart palpitations, I tell you.

Finally, in a cold sweat, I bought two. However, by the time I got home, I was disgusted with myself and immediately scribbled notes onto their backs and set them aside to go into the mail the next day. It was tough, because I loved the images so much, but no more paper hoarding, Sinclair!

In a magical turn of events, thanks to Kathleen and Ershad, one of those very pictures returned to me. It appeared in my mailbox on Thursday!

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