You Have No Excuse to Avoid Red Lipstick

I’ll concede that red lipstick is fussier to apply than a gloss or a neutral. It smears all over your coffee cup, and has to be reapplied after eating. Sometimes it ends up on your teeth. And of course red lipstick can’t actually cure a break-up or a bad day, but slicking some on certainly can instantly elevate your mood, brighten your face and make you look less tired. There’s no better salve for a case of the Mondays or for a quick injection of courage. It’s like buying yourself a cheerful bunch of flowers, only for your face.

Click on over to iVillage for the rest of my thoughts on red lipstick.

2 thoughts on “You Have No Excuse to Avoid Red Lipstick

  1. Leslie,

    Can I just say, your posts and published articles are really something. And, I started wearing my geisha red lipstick again and just this week too for many of your reasons. Your articles are a testimony to that OAC class we had together with that curly 80s hair band teacher. Tight jeans. Stone Temple Pilot t-shirts. I’ve forgotten his name. But he told us to go to York if we were serious about writing being our “art form” because blah (I don’t even remember why now) and you can officially punch him in the face for every other dick thing he’s said as if he gave a shit about us because you’re a writer, girl.

    Hope all is well with you!

    Only good things, Sharon

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