We Are the Introverts

we are introverts

I saw this lovely comic by Grant Snider on Maria Popova’s fascinating Twitter feed earlier this week after my cousin, Wes, and I stayed in on Saturday night painting canvasses with our acrylic paints. Two introverts who know how to party.

Susan Cain’s TED Talk on introverts is also worth watching, whether you are an introvert, or not. (If you’re an introvert, watch it for the validation. If you’re an extrovert, you probably love at least one introvert and could benefit from understanding them a bit better, right?)

7 thoughts on “We Are the Introverts

      1. lol. 🙂 I would be lost without extroverts. Mostly because I need them to go ask for directions. lol. just kidding.

  1. I now feel vindicated for not liking the “group” approach of your public school years. Being the introvert, you did everyone’s work then came home after school to do your own.

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