Vag Veg

The chayote also sometimes likes to be called, christophine, cho-cho, chuchu, Guatila, pear squash or vegetable pear depending on what kind of day it’s having.

You may remember a phone call I took from my father back in the spring in which he told me that he and my mom had encountered a strange fruit and/or vegetable at the new A1 Premium Food Mart on Eglinton and that my mother allegedly claimed looked like “cootchies.”

Let me tell you, Google was at a loss when I gave it the search terms from the phone call.

Later Dad (and Mom) took me to A1 to show me all the fascinating products they have there, including, yes, the mystery fruit/veg. Otherwise known as chayote.

The chayote is a member of the gourd family and is originally native to Mexico and Central America. Apparently, in terms of cooking, you handle it like summer squash.

Notwithstanding that it looks like cootchie, little mouths or an old man with no teeth (depending on who in my family you ask), that thing is just an unappetizing shade of green. I’m not sure a chayote is ever going to find a home in my belly. Unless … one of you guys has a chayote recipe … ?

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