what love looks like

Read just now, tore out and tacked on refrigerator:

If someone loves you, they don’t confuse you … When they love you, they don’t want to lose you, so they make their feelings and intentions clear. True love is easy. It feels good. It doesn’t feel bad, exhausting or crazy-inducing. Maya Angelou said it best: “Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option.”

From the article Resolution You by Kerry Gold, Best Health, January/February 2014

9 thoughts on “what love looks like

  1. More on that though (and what I’m hoping to find): not needing to explain what you’re feeling because it’s almost like you can read each other’s mind! …almost being key. Really reading each other’s mind is some shite that belongs on the Space Network.

  2. I’ve been married a very long time and my husband still confuses me and plays with my mind. Not a hurtful thing, mind you. After this many years I know what he’s up to and he nows what I’m up to. Sometimes love in mind boggling. Just keep it fun.

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