Online Dating



Would you be interested in a NoN Sexual arrangement? I’m into S&M, seeking a dominant woman who would be interested in abusing me. If interested please txt me at [REDACTED].



Hi there,

I have never been asked to abuse someone before! What would this entail?



You will instruct me to strip down and you will bind my legs and feet up and then you will punch, kick, slap, whip me etc.

Also, as a submissive, I would like to clean your place if you allow me too.


Not going to lie you guys, I am kind of into the idea of ordering a guy to paint my kitchen and take my shit to Goodwill. Plus, Janneke said she would sew me a special corset, so I’d also finally have something to wear to fetish night.


6 thoughts on “Online Dating

  1. I saw the perfect “glass slippers” (referring to your fetish night tag); they were in a shoe store inside the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas. Platform, spike heels, calf height, and glass (okay, maybe lucite, we just saw them in the window).

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