Same-Sex Marriage and Christianity in Canada

I returned to degree studies this summer, which was very scary for me and my complexion took quite a bit of collateral damage as a result. The anxiety was worth it though: What follows is an academic research essay that I just found out I got an A+ on. It is the final paper of my first class, and was weighted as if it were the final exam. I’m posting it because I worked really hard on it and, to be honest with you, I don’t really see why an A+ paper needs to be languishing on my hard-drive. – Leslie

Marriage has social and religious benefits and it is as important for same-sex couples to be able to identify as married as it is for heterosexual couples. The majority of Canadians support same-sex marriage and in general, Canadian public policy and the Christian churches in Canada agree that marriage is a contract and covenant between two people, and a relationship that is expected to be mutual, faithful, loving, committed, and respected by both partners. In the public policy debates leading up to the 2005 introduction of Bill C-38, the Civil Marriage Act, in which same-sex marriage was legalized across Canada, a number of religious organizations supported same-sex marriage, and even within religious organizations that officially opposed same-sex marriage there were many individuals who supported it. With few exceptions, however, Christian churches continue to resist change on this issue. If Christian churches wish to remain relevant to Canadians, they must respond to shifts in the social values of Canada and voices within their own congregations and adopt an inclusive doctrine with respect to same-sex marriage.

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