The Internet is Made of Cats

Apologies to whoever I am not crediting for this picture. Please identify yourself and blame Pinterest.
Apologies to whoever I am not crediting for this picture. Blame Pinterest.

I noticed this summer, while missing Fitzer and torturing myself by looking at adoptable cats, that Annex Cat Rescue was looking for volunteer copywriters. Lizz and I were again working on the Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto’s annual report at the time and writing about cats seemed like the perfect antidote to the heavy conversations I was having on behalf of NWRCT. So, I applied.

Overall, I’m conflicted about writing for free, but I’ve decided it’s okay as long as it helps an organization I care about and is any combination of fun, challenging, or adds to my writing skillset. Sometimes it is just nice to be writing rather than pounding down doors with pitches.

I was correct: writing about successful cat adoptions is a lot of fun. People really, really love talking about their cats. Let’s face it, it’s not that often that someone calls you up for the express purpose of talking to you about your cat. It’s gold for people who are – I’m sure – all too familiar with the glazed look that comes over friends and co-workers when you bust out a hilarious cat story. Oh, I know. I’ve seen it too.

So far, I’ve written about Jellybean, a sweet and silly senior tabby, and Oscar, a Persian who was abandoned in a feral cat colony. Coming soon, a story about a bonded pair named Mittens and Cleo. Mittens and Cleo live in a home that is also an office and I am sure the happiest employees on earth work there.

I also ended up adopting an Annex Cat Rescue cat … but that is another story.

3 thoughts on “The Internet is Made of Cats

  1. I do think it’s sweet how pet owners attentively listen to their friends’ pet stories, hoping they will be repaid in kind when they have something funny (or “funny”) to share.

    I want to read the adoption story!

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