Ya snooze, ya lose.

Recently, Debra and I were talking about those Gideon bibles that you always used to find in hotel rooms. First of all, why were they specifically Gideon bibles? You don’t see them as often anymore, and that got us wondering if they still give them out in elementary school.* Reflecting on this from 2015, it seems pretty effed up that that was ever allowed but we still recited The Lord’s Prayer after singing the anthem back then, too. I’m sure mine is still kicking around somewhere.

As many of our conversations do, this turned into a debate over who should write about this. Debra said I should, since I was the one with the interest in religion. Also, she didn’t want to.

Yesterday, in oddly coincidental timing, this article floated into my newsfeed. If you have been wondering about the Gideon bible lately – and I mean, who hasn’t, really – Anne Bokma will answer all your questions.

And Debra and I will remember not to sit on our clearly amazing ideas next time. Or, I will, since I was the one who was supposed to write the pitch.

* Yes, but parents have to sign a permission form now.

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