Important Pillow Update

As you can see, these pillows kind of pick up the theme from this insane, so-terrible-it’s-amazing painting that I can’t believe I’m not tired of after all these years.

Because I know that wondering about the outcome of the pillow saga was wearing on everyone’s minds, I decided not to go to my spinning class after work and instead go back to Home Sense to settle the songbird/owl issue. You guys, you can’t mess around when you shop at these Winners/Home Sense/Marshall’s type stores – almost ALL of the pillows were gone when I got there (I was JUST at this store on Friday night). Yikes. But! There was a new pillow that hadn’t been there before – a rooster!

You might not know this unless you follow my Instagram, but I love roosters. I admire them because they are badass. Roosters officially DGAF. Observe:

cat v rooster
Come on, cat. Who are you kidding?

2016 is the year of giving less fucks and I hope to adopt the rooster as my spirit animal by its end. Currently, I would say my spirit animal is more like a porcupine: generally cute and easy going but prickly as hell when angered.

Anyway, SOLD! To the rooster pillow. And, shout out to my Grandma!* Thanks for the pillows, Grandma. I got them with my Christmas $!

* Do people still say “shout out”? No idea. I’m nearly 40, people. I can’t be expected to keep up with this stuff. Taylor, are you creeping? Can you tell us if young people still say “shout out”? Also, shout out to my cousin, Taylor!

9 thoughts on “Important Pillow Update

  1. Yes people still use the word creeping, and I am still creeping your account been busy recently with school, I have a lot to read :).

      1. No Problem, glad it helped. I’m still working on my story hope to show you it soon. Keep writing because you’re my role model. Love you :*

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