Regular-Sized Dogs With Small Legs

Did you see the portraits the British Monarchy released today to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday? They are wonderful.

This one is my favourite:

the Queen and corgis - AL
According to The British Monarchy’s Facebook page, the Queen is seen here with four of her dogs: clockwise from top left Willow (corgi), Vulcan (dorgie), Candy (dorgie) and Holly (corgi) on the private grounds of Windsor Castle.

I have always really loved photos of the Queen with her corgis. In fact, I think the Queen’s corgis are seriously one of my favourite things about her. The Queen has had over 30 corgis during her reign, dating back to when she was a small child. That’s nuts! Her dedication to the breed really charms me and I think that when she is photographed with them, we get to see something real and human about the Queen that isn’t always captured when the dogs aren’t around.

But I have another reason for bringing up corgis. Every time I see a corgi, I die because it’s too adorable. The last time it happened, I thought, “What is it about corgis???” Then I realized that corgis share a trait with another breed I have long had an affinity for, the basset hound. It seems that the genetic mix of a regular-sized dog on small legs speaks deeply to me. I am guessing this probably reveals something weird about my psyche but I am choosing not to think about it too much.

So, are there any other similar breeds? I now know about the dorgie, thanks to Annie Leibovitz’s portrait above, but I’m not crazy about the dorgie. Its body isn’t really big enough. Friends, please advise if you can think of any other dogs that, under normal circumstances, would be considered medium-sized, about the size of a border collie, say … but with tiny legs. This is turning out to be a Google rabbit hole that I should walk away from!


3 thoughts on “Regular-Sized Dogs With Small Legs

  1. I had a dog for many years that looked like she was a Corgi. She happened to be a bizarre mix of pug, poodle, cocker spaniel and a shelter. She was built like a medium sized dog but had little dog legs. Her legs were so short she couldn’t scratch the end of her own nose. I miss that dog everyday.

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