4 thoughts on “A Bat Attitude

  1. I love this!! Great imagery of bats flying; I can almost visualize. That’s amazing that you were treated to the view for 45 minutes!

    Just one comment that I hope you won’t find overly critical: “Each female gives birth to one pup, doubling the population.” This assumes that there are no male daddy bats? I would suggest that the population increases somewhere between 50-100%, depending on ratio of mature males to mature females. I’m guessing it’s about 50/50, which would mean population increase is a third or about 50%. Disclaimer: I am not even close to an expert on bat reproduction and didn’t conduct even cursory research before dashing off this comment… 😀

    1. Thanks, Kathleen! You are right, that point could use some clarification. Apparently, most of the colony is female! In an earlier draft, I’d talked about the Congress Avenue bridge being a “maternity roost” but it got scrapped somewhere along the way and maybe shouldn’t have.

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