Now the whole team here

I recently returned from Las Vegas, where I was surprised to hear Toronto’s own Drake blasting pretty much everywhere I went.

My default position since this guy showed up on the scene, is to roll my eyes and ignore him. Like, to actively not give a fuck about him. Which is hard, given that I’ve heard people claim that he is responsible for everything from “putting Toronto on the map” to the City’s insane rental prices. Regarding the former, please consult all the other notable personalities and amazing things about Toronto that came before this guy and see how they feel about Drake putting Toronto on the map. As for the latter, NEWSFLASH: Toronto’s housing market has been bonkers forever because if you want to live in a city in Canada, WHERE ELSE ARE YOU GOING TO LIVE? There just aren’t a lot of viable options. Believe me, I have thought long and hard about this. And you already know how I feel about the term, “the 6ix.

“Fucking Drake,” I complained to Debra.

“Yeah,” she said, “but doesn’t it make you feel a little bit proud?”

Dammit, yes it does. You win, Drake. Now the whole team fuckin’ here, okay?!

This video is ridiculous, but a shout-out to Toronto Parks & Rec will get me every time.

2 thoughts on “Now the whole team here

  1. Speaking about the 6ix ,,,,, Global news did a survey today asking people what they call Toronto. Less than 10% (it might have been 6%) said the 6ix.. 75% said Toronto. The percentages might be slightly off but so glad to hear most folks call our city by it’s real name. And yes, that video is ridiculous!
    Sad to say I can really see his influence on Justin Bieber …. to bad he is bent on trashing our good (insert sarcasm here) Canadian behaviour.

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