How to Make an Art

You don’t really want to call it an artwork, you want to call it a “proposition.” [Translation: It’s okay to fail.] It’s like, it has the possibility of being art. This is a question about art, a query, and you know there’s no such thing as a bad question. Just bad answers. The art, the shit you’re making, is not an answer. Make sure you say it’s “exploring” something or “challenging” or “investigating” but don’t say it’s solving anything, alright?

Although this is a throwback to 2011, I just learned about this character, Hennessy Youngman, at school last week. Jayson Musson (aka Hennessy Youngman) made this series of satirical videos to tackle topics like institutional art, race, art history and contemporary culture. But I actually think that thinking about whatever the hell you’re trying to do (whether that’s art, or writing, or trying to discuss politics) as a “proposition” is a valuable tip. Certainly helped me pound out the first draft of my Ethics in Media paper. I’m not trying to answer anything here, it’s just a proposition!


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