Vision Quest: Part II


As the year wound down after Christmas, I noticed that I had still not recovered from the semester. I was still passing out on the subway, or as soon as my Dad started the car. Considering that I had one final and I wrote it on December 8th, I should not still be so exhausted. I realized that I have been wildly overextending myself with social commitments at a time when I need to look after myself. I am sorry if I canceled on you, or haven’t figured out a plan with you yet but I have to go back to school at full capacity, and I’ve only got two weeks left to fill up my tank.

Because I feel more on track than ever, but also way off the rails, it started to seem like a good time to finally make a vision board. Then, as a result of a mishap with the LinkedIn app on my phone, I heard from Gwen (who originally inspired this idea), which I took as a cosmic signal to get this project done.

I’ve started it before. My first attempt was the traditional way: a big piece of bristol board, scissors and a bunch of magazines. But I got annoyed because I don’t buy a lot of picture-heavy magazines and I found that it was too much of a pain to find images that reflected my ideas. Plus, in what magazine would I even find a glossy image of Ira Glass? Honestly, the logistics were too much, and the whole thing was not relaxing, and I am pretty sure part of the goal of making a vision board is feeling good. I tried my second, more recent attempt on Pinterest which was okay but the ways in which images can be arranged is too limited. This time I thought, “This is a job for PowerPoint.” A few Google image searches later, it worked out just fine.

I won’t get into what absolutely everything on this thing represents, but my dream communications employers are here and a few places I’d like to do work for on my way there. There are some places I’d like to visit and to live, a heart for love (so original), and some education and writing goals. I’ve got reminders to make exercise and self-care a priority even though it is so, so difficult to fit them in now, and to eat veggies. Yesterday, after a frustrating exchange with someone I am doing some unpaid work for, I decided to include a Rihanna lyric about dollars: I may not be a pro yet, but actually I am pro enough to think long and hard about what kind of free projects I take on. And Mindy Kaling because she represents a lot of stuff: she’s got a healthy body and a healthy body image, she’s a writer, she’s got a killer work ethic, and she’s a fucking boss.

They say that whatever you are doing at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve sets the tone for the rest of the year. With that in mind, I decided to be on my yoga mat with a lovely friend setting our intentions for the year. The last four months have been a lot of change, a lot of pretending I’m an extrovert and a hell of a lot of work. I am not very superstitious, but it can’t hurt to start 2017 quietly, taking care of myself.

Happy New Year!

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